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This week’s podcast is “Part Two” of the interview with my in-real-life friend, Kris Habashy. (Apparently, we like to talk. And talk. And talk.)

Although we cover a lot of topics today, I think they all boil down to one–a mom’s relationship with her kids. Having watched Kris with her own kiddos, I greatly value her thoughts and opinions.

(You can listen to “Part One” of our chat, here).

What we talked about:

  • Handling boys who bicker or fight.
  • Should you allow boys to pretend/play fight.
  • Training self-control vs. natural angry outbursts.
  • Not changing or lowering the standard because of behavior.
  • Their family rules for Nerf gun use.
  • Micro-management parenting and how it inhibits obedience.
  • Playground play vs. playing in the backyard.
  • Use as few words (and few “no’s”) as you can.
  • Role playing scenarios before they happen (aka, leaving the park . . . ).
  • Taking neutral moments to speak life over your kids . . .disconnected from behavior.
  • Encouraging your kids even in the hard moments. . .acknowledging accomplishments.
  • Advice for those times when you are out-of-sync with your kids.
  • The role dads can play in helping moms relate with her kids.
  • Rite of passage rituals to help boys move forward into manhood without guilt.
  • Speaking and praying vision over our kids. . . even on a really awful day.

Show Notes:

What areas do you struggle in your relationship with your child(ren)? How do you get re-connected or stay connected?

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