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God never promised a life without pain. But He did promise to walk with you through it.

If you find yourself in the midst of a challenging time, then today’s podcast will be an encouragement to you. 

Back in March 2008, today’s guest, Stacie Smith, received news no mom wants to hear. Her oldest son, Gavin, who was 3 1/2 years old at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. An aggressive type with a low survival rate, filling a third of his brain and down his spine.

Stacie’s faith had wandered in the years leading up to Gavin’s diagnosis, but in that moment she chose to turn towards God, beat on His chest. She claims that is the only way she survived childhood cancer.

What we chat about:

  • The events leading up to Gavin’s diagnosis.
  • How Stacie first responded when the Dr said, “brain tumor”.
  • When she rode in an ambulance with her son, how good friends proved true.
  • How anger has surfaced more now, than at the beginning.
  • The fear she felt at the beginning and pleading with God to save Gavin’s life.

“Lord, you created this. I believe you can recreate it. But if it’s not going to change, prepare me in advance if bad news is coming.”

  • Stacie’s belief: Cancer didn’t come to Gavin before it passed thru the hands of God first. Wasn’t a shock to God. He knew it was coming.

Anger isn’t bad. But will the anger turn you towards God or away from God? Beat on His chest. 

  • The reality and length of cancer treatment.
  • Gavin’s way to cope. . .his medicine cap collection:
  • How Gavin’s brother reacted to the cancer diagnosis/treatment.
  • Before cancer, Stacie drifted in her faith. . .stopped attending church because she didn’t want to expose her son to germs.
  • God spoke to her the night before Gavin’s first surgery. . . and gave her a vision and amazing peace.
  • Opportunities Stacie was given to share her faith during the treatment process.
  • How to help someone going through a hard season.
  • If you are going through a hard time, how to accept help from others, so you don’t rob that person of the blessing of helping you.
  • The lessons when these things happen aren’t just for the immediate family.
  • Connect with Stacie:


    Show Notes:

     Have you or someone you love dealt with the horrors of childhood cancer?

    Leave your story in the comments so we can join you in prayer.

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