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What could people pleasing and pickled cabbage possibly have to do with one another?

The answer ? Today’s guest’s real food journey.

{real food} :: …food as close to the way God created it as possible, free of additives and over-processing. 

Trina Holden vulnerably shares how panic attacks and stress plagued her for years. And constantly worrying about what other’s thought had made a physical impact.

First she began to make small changes in her diet. Because of her gradual approach to eating healthier foods, she has sustained a “real food” lifestyle for years.

Trina also worked on re-wiring her brain to recognize God as the only One she needs to gain approval. Then to remember through Christ’s work, she is pre-approved.

The author of two “real food” books, Trina, is a wealth of information in regards to eating better. In today’s episode she gives some practical ways you can improve your family’s eating habits today.

What we chat about:

  •  The health concerns which led Trina to eating real foods.
  • What two things she replaced in her diet.
  • A history of panic attacks which escalated after the birth of her first child.
  • The load of all the roles she had and the pressure of the assumed expectations others have of her.
  • A huge amount of stress she felt was based on worrying about what people thought of her.
  •  A need to rewire her brain and realize she is approved by God thru Christ.
  • How Heather gets intimidated by real food writers and nervous they will make her switch all the food in her kitchen.
  • What are fermented vegetables and the benefits of eating them.
  • Heather’s love of Kombucha (how it makes her a better mom) and what that is.
  • Why we need cultured food.
  • Helping our bodies digest the food we eat, so we don’t just shove it through our system. Food becomes fuel.
  • Preference of using the word “cultured” vs. “fermented”.
  • How to make sauerkraut from cabbage on your counter.
  • How Trina realized food isn’t the most important factor in our health, God is.
  • Don’t eat healthy food from a fear-based perspective.
  • How to buy the best chicken, what labels to look for.
  • Does it matter if the eggs are brown?
  • Legacy of healthy eating we want to leave our kids.

Stressing about what you are going to eat, is worse for your body than eating a candy bar.

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