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Last year we were family camp newbies. But after a week of refreshment, bonding and spiritual encouragement, we were hooked on the concept. In fact, before we left camp we had signed up come back again this year.

I could literally talk to you for hours about all the reasons Pine Cove is a gift to our family. (In fact, our time riding horses last year, inspired the most popular post I’ve ever written.–>read it here)

With such a high bar, I worried how this year would measure up. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. (well, ok, I didn’t ride horses this year. . .which was disappointing at first. . .but I’m saving that story for another post).

The director of Pine Cove Bluffs is Chris Sherrod. He is a gifted teacher and invaluable source of Spiritual mentoring to the husbands who attend camp. His lovely wife, Katie, also a superstar, spends one lunch with all the moms spurring us on with Truth and love.

When I started my podcast, one person I wanted to interview was Katie Sherrod. So, along with our bags of clothes and some flashlights and lots of swimsuits, I grabbed my mic. She and I sat on the floor in my cabin one afternoon and recorded this podcast.

I hope her words remind you of your value as a wife and mom. Most importantly, that you accept God’s rest, relish His grace and seek His wisdom.

What we chat about:

  • How she and her husband followed their hearts for families and found a place to serve, even if that included a season of unemployment.
  • How their adopted daughter was delivered to their door Christmas Eve & God’s protection of this baby from disease and addiction.
  • How they were given a vision of how God accepts us in our broken state, no questions, for the long haul, to rescue us.
  • When you fear you won’t be able to love more people, realizing you are standing in a river of God’s love, never-ending, inviting others to join you.
  • How Katie grabs time with Jesus anytime and every time. . .not just a “first in the morning” quiet time.
  • Her advice to expect hard things to happen, not getting upset when they do.
  • Allowing your kids to see Jesus in your reactions, even when you make mistakes, asking for forgiveness.
  • How little ones reveal and remind you all your brokenness and need for God.
  • Advice she would give her young self, to allow herself rest & accept God’s grace.
  • To cry out: “Give me wisdom to rule these people that you’ve put under me.” and He will give it to us.
  • How there is no recipe for motherhood–which keeps you on your knees.
  • First picture of the gospel is how you love your husband.
  • Don’t have to pray for a calling when you have young children.
  • Everything  you do for your children is your spiritual act of worship.

A mother’s prayer:

“God, give me wisdom in this situation for this child for today in this moment.”

Show Notes:

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