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Do you feel like the master of your schedule or mastered by your schedule?

I’ve had days this fall where each half hour is so tightly packed that a few minute delay shifts the whole day. In response, my mood is rushed, my tone is harsh and my joy is zapped.

Today’s podcast guest, Lysa TerKeurst, author of the new book, “The Best Yes” has some wisdom to share if you feel the same soul stress as me.

Are you being intentional about what you say ‘yes’ to? Or are you reacting to the needs around you and saying ‘yes’ to more than you can handle?

Are you living the life you feel God desires or are you attempting to do all-the-things to please people around you?

In this episode Lysa and I dig into five schedule sappers, ways we don’t take control of schedule and in exchange lose control of our sanity. She shares practical tips for the mom of little ones, ways to be proactive in living our best lives.

What we talk about:

  • How she is on this journey with us to manage the tension of overwhelmed schedules and underwhelmed souls.
  • The season Lysa is now in and how she would have handed herself this book 10 years ago—how the daily choices are impacted by our best “yeses”.
  • The goal of concentric impact circles of a God Centered Mom, but the reality of strangers get my best and my family getting my worst.
  • Lysa’s confession of being a people pleaser.
  • The tension of having more requests of you than can be done in a day and the power of the words “yes” and “no”.
  • Unrushing my soul can sound good in theory, but hard to implement with a rushed reality.
  • How do we ‘unrush’ when the realities are rushed.
  • Practical ideas for fitting in our best yes with a chaotic four boy schedule.
  • Have to get intentional with the time we have.
  • Definition of “Schedule sapper”: those things that come and sap our schedules, that we dread saying ‘yes’ but feel powerless to say ‘no’.
  • If you allow the thing that feeds your soul to get away from you, you do your family a disservice.
  • Delaying never lets the ‘no’ go down easier.
  • If you get a request and feel a sense of dread, disappoints family/kids, or introduces drama, then you should say ‘no’ right away.
  • Saying ‘yes’ to everything won’t make me wonder woman, but a worn out woman.
  • Overestimate my capacity and underestimate my time.
  • People not projects need to occupy the sacred space of my heart.

“When the motions of my life are rushed, my emotions don’t have to be.”

“How I set my schedule is how I spend my life. How I spend my life is how I spend my soul.”

Connect with Lysa:

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Show Notes:


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I’m married to a pretty fabulous man.

Bruce is kind, positive, loving, intelligent, wise and successful. From the time we were dating I’ve also been impressed with how well he gets along with his sisters and how his family loves one another well. Not only do they love each other well, they all love to serve and care for those around them.

Now I’m telling you all that not to brag, but to give you credentials for today’s podcast guest, Rosemary MacFadyen, my mother-in-law.

Married to a successful general surgeon, mother to 4 (3 girls, 1 boy), grandmother to 12 (9 boys, 3 girls) and minister to many, Rosemary lives a full and godly life.

Over the past 18 years of knowing the MacFadyen family I’ve tried to ask as many questions as possible about growing up in their home, about how they did things and what makes them special.

In today’s episode we all benefit from Rosemary’s wise approach to mothering. She shares the principles that led her parenting decisions and daily actions. We also discuss the benefits of serving internationally as a family, including their time in Liberia, years ago.

(I’ve titled the episode with “5” principles but really I think we surpass that number. . .).

What we chat about:

  • The use of logical consequences instead of nagging.
  • Letting children work out their own disagreements.
  • Staying emotionally uninvolved from your children’s bad behavior.
  • The importance of morning time of prayer and Bible reading.
  • Never talking about one child to another, or even talking about your children’s decisions to a friend.
  • Realizing once you say something it’s out there and can’t be taken back.
  • Importance of telling your husband what is important to you.
  • If you aren’t part of a problem, then you won’t be a part of the solution.
  • Getting involved in a another person’s problem, the problem can sometimes escalate.
  • To grow like Jesus grew in 4 different areas: wisdom, stature, favor with God, favor with man (Luke 2).
  • The importance of helping your children develop a personal relationship with God.
  • Helping your children hide God’s word in their hearts.
  • How your love for God’s Word can transfer to your children.
  • Praying with and for your children.

You have God, the Creator of the whole universe, ready to listen to you, why would we not pray?

  • The Bible gives principles for living, boundaries you can use in parenting.
  • Parents involving your children in ministry sets a standard for your kids of life including service.
  • Observing your child’s skills and plugging them into your family ministry.
  • An experience they had with two of her daughters running a guest house in Liberia.

If perfect was what was required in having people in our homes then none of us would do anything, because none of us could do it perfectly.

Show Notes:

 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:52

What principles guide your mothering? Let’s start a list in the comments.

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What could people pleasing and pickled cabbage possibly have to do with one another?

The answer ? Today’s guest’s real food journey.

{real food} :: …food as close to the way God created it as possible, free of additives and over-processing. 

Trina Holden vulnerably shares how panic attacks and stress plagued her for years. And constantly worrying about what other’s thought had made a physical impact.

First she began to make small changes in her diet. Because of her gradual approach to eating healthier foods, she has sustained a “real food” lifestyle for years.

Trina also worked on re-wiring her brain to recognize God as the only One she needs to gain approval. Then to remember through Christ’s work, she is pre-approved.

The author of two “real food” books, Trina, is a wealth of information in regards to eating better. In today’s episode she gives some practical ways you can improve your family’s eating habits today.

What we chat about:

  •  The health concerns which led Trina to eating real foods.
  • What two things she replaced in her diet.
  • A history of panic attacks which escalated after the birth of her first child.
  • The load of all the roles she had and the pressure of the assumed expectations others have of her.
  • A huge amount of stress she felt was based on worrying about what people thought of her.
  •  A need to rewire her brain and realize she is approved by God thru Christ.
  • How Heather gets intimidated by real food writers and nervous they will make her switch all the food in her kitchen.
  • What are fermented vegetables and the benefits of eating them.
  • Heather’s love of Kombucha (how it makes her a better mom) and what that is.
  • Why we need cultured food.
  • Helping our bodies digest the food we eat, so we don’t just shove it through our system. Food becomes fuel.
  • Preference of using the word “cultured” vs. “fermented”.
  • How to make sauerkraut from cabbage on your counter.
  • How Trina realized food isn’t the most important factor in our health, God is.
  • Don’t eat healthy food from a fear-based perspective.
  • How to buy the best chicken, what labels to look for.
  • Does it matter if the eggs are brown?
  • Legacy of healthy eating we want to leave our kids.

Stressing about what you are going to eat, is worse for your body than eating a candy bar.

Connect with Trina:

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Show Notes:


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God never promised a life without pain. But He did promise to walk with you through it.

If you find yourself in the midst of a challenging time, then today’s podcast will be an encouragement to you. 

Back in March 2008, today’s guest, Stacie Smith, received news no mom wants to hear. Her oldest son, Gavin, who was 3 1/2 years old at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. An aggressive type with a low survival rate, filling a third of his brain and down his spine.

Stacie’s faith had wandered in the years leading up to Gavin’s diagnosis, but in that moment she chose to turn towards God, beat on His chest. She claims that is the only way she survived childhood cancer.

What we chat about:

  • The events leading up to Gavin’s diagnosis.
  • How Stacie first responded when the Dr said, “brain tumor”.
  • When she rode in an ambulance with her son, how good friends proved true.
  • How anger has surfaced more now, than at the beginning.
  • The fear she felt at the beginning and pleading with God to save Gavin’s life.

“Lord, you created this. I believe you can recreate it. But if it’s not going to change, prepare me in advance if bad news is coming.”

  • Stacie’s belief: Cancer didn’t come to Gavin before it passed thru the hands of God first. Wasn’t a shock to God. He knew it was coming.

Anger isn’t bad. But will the anger turn you towards God or away from God? Beat on His chest. 

  • The reality and length of cancer treatment.
  • Gavin’s way to cope. . .his medicine cap collection:
  • How Gavin’s brother reacted to the cancer diagnosis/treatment.
  • Before cancer, Stacie drifted in her faith. . .stopped attending church because she didn’t want to expose her son to germs.
  • God spoke to her the night before Gavin’s first surgery. . . and gave her a vision and amazing peace.
  • Opportunities Stacie was given to share her faith during the treatment process.
  • How to help someone going through a hard season.
  • If you are going through a hard time, how to accept help from others, so you don’t rob that person of the blessing of helping you.
  • The lessons when these things happen aren’t just for the immediate family.
  • Connect with Stacie:


    Show Notes:

     Have you or someone you love dealt with the horrors of childhood cancer?

    Leave your story in the comments so we can join you in prayer.

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Raise your hand if you want to be a great mom.

I know I do. Sadly that goal is rarely ever reached by pure determination. Usually by 9 am, the whining or constant needs or sibling rivalry, sabotage all my efforts.

But what if I didn’t have to try to be a “great mom” in my own strength? What if there was a way to have eyes to see the most important things, patience to handle one more question and love to cover another mess? 

You’re probably not going to be shocked by the solution–a combination of God’s Word & praying to be led by His Sprit.  But maybe you struggle to make the solution a reality.

Yesterday our pastor taught from Psalm 119, saying “A God-oriented life is a Word-oriented life.” If we claim to be followers of Christ, believers of God, and yet don’t spend time in His Word, we will not have the firm foundation to stand on when the storms come.

Today’s podcast guest, Kat Lee ( not only reminds us how special moms are, but the game changer of going from frazzled to faithful. 

Being the practical gal she is, Kat also shares an opportunity you have to be a part of an accountability community, HelloMornings (registration starts today! September 29th).

Sometimes we need people to come around us and spur us on to do things we struggle to do on our own. 

Personally? This is the verse I’m memorizing:

Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
preserve my life according to your word. Ps 119:37


What we chat about:

  • How Kat makes it through the week when her husband travels
  • The negative cycle of staying up late, being a mean mommy, staying up late again.
  • Kat’s experience growing up never having known her mom.
  • Her curiosity about the mother-daughter relationship and trying to figure out what it means to be a woman/mother.
  • Her longing to be loved and led by a mom. . . God’s whisper, “just wait”.
  • How God redeemed Mother’s Day for Kat.
  • She didn’t even know her mom & her mom had an incredible impact on her life.
  • The call she received which led her back to her mom’s family/nation of origin.
  • A Filipino family reunion with her name on a banner–a reminder she was known.
  • The disaster of comparing your worst mommy moment to another mom’s best moment.
  • Kat’s no-good-very-bad-day, leading to a revelation in the garage, in her hot mini-van, and what God asked her to do.
  • The habit she began of getting up earlier than her kids, reading God’s Word & praying for her kids.
  • Establishing the new habit, importance of a place and having accountability.
  • How people can join an accountability group via Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, or Instagram. –40 countries represented. 4,000 women.
  • If the groups fill up or you don’t want to be in a group, you can sign up to receive the emails and forms. —God, Plan, Move.–and worship song, “How Great You Are” by Antioch Live.
  • In addition, HelloMornings is offering a Bible Study Course, how to study the Bible for yourself–with Katie Orr (FOCUSed 15) with book of Matthew (Six 10-minute videos).
  • HelloMornings groups last six weeks–a little longer than it takes to establish a habit.
  • God is the game changer for our motherhood.

God wants us to wrap our arms our His neck, not just stick our hands into His pockets.- Louie Giglio

Connect with Kat:

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Show Notes:

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Do not be fooled. This world is a spiritual war zone. We can’t give our enemy too much credit, but we also can’t ignore him.

What do we do when the battle heat is on? 

From personal experience, I chose to “phone a friend” (or more like ugly-cry-in-the-church-hallway-at-BSF). Speaking the lies out loud and having a fellow believer speak truth over me was my first line of defense. Next, I asked for prayer from friends and even from my Facebook page community (Are you hanging out over there?).

Most importantly, I read God’s Word for myself and wrapped that belt of Truth around my waist (Eph 6:14).

That’s why today’s podcast topic is so important to me. I would be doing y’all a huge disservice if you didn’t learn to read God’s Word and allow His Spirit to speak to you through it. 

Today I’m introducing you to a new friend of mine, Cari Trotter who is going to help us read the Bible.

I am blown away by her outgoing personality and her passion for women to know God through His Word.

She is a gifted Bible teacher, wife to a H.S. Football coach and mom to 3 little ones. Beyond all that? She is a beautiful daughter of the Creator of the universe.

We all have the potential to walk towards our ‘legacy as a royal heir’–the glorious becoming. It starts, like Cari says, ‘by sticking your nose in His Word and discovering real answers to the questions you are asking.’

I truly pray after you hear this interview you will pick up your Bible, read a section (even one verse) and ask yourself the two questions Cari shares in today’s episode. That through the wisdom God provides and personal revelation, you will begin your glorious transformation. 

What we chat about:

  • We just  jump right in . . .how labeling an area we want to work for God, gets a target on our back, yet we can walk inside grace in the hard stuff.
  • Be still & know God. . .what to do in the heat of spiritual battle
  • Cari’s family. . .including her HS Football coach hubby.
  • Our journey is not about a perfect walk, but one of faith.
  • Cari’s over-riding passion is for women to know the Word of God–transforming heart knowledge.
  • God doesn’t toss out who we were, He takes all of us and molds it into who He wants us to become.
  • Where a woman can start studying God’s Word and how to make it real for herself.
  • Word becomes flesh when we see & know our identity in Christ.
  • A story of leading a Bible study in prison–one gal’s realization that she was created on purpose by the God of the universe.
  • The two questions to ask after you read 10-15 verses–“What questions am I asking?” and “What am I praying?”
  • Ask God to give you the wisdom for the revelation of His Word.
  • Having a time & a space to spend with God, not in a legalistic way, but in a “need this or I fall” way.
  • The difference of a day with at least 5 minutes in His Word. One verse. One prayer and His Holy Spirit.
  • How a verse can transform when you read it one day to the next, providing just what you need to hear.
  • Memorizing Scripture highlights certain phrases.
  • The power of personal transformation from God’s Word.

Connect with Cari:

Blog :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Show Notes:

an excerpt: 

God thinks it’s about time to reevaluate who you really are. It’s time to heal that broken heart and mend that torn spirit. It’s time to open the eyes of your heart to see what the Father, the King, really sees. What He sees is the royalty of a princess becoming all glorious within.

 The King’s daughter is all glorious within! (Psalm 45:13)

  • Ephesians 1:17–“I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.”
  • HelloMornings (new challenge registration starts next Monday, Sept 29th)
  • Kat Lee–Inspired to Action
  • For Cari’s ongoing Bible Study groups follow the hashtag: #goodmorningdarling on Twitter

What is your approach to reading & studying the Bible, for yourself?

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She laughs big and she serves the Lord.

This perfectly describes today’s podcast guest, Kristi Griem.

From the moment I met Kristi, she impressed me with her passion to free people–women from sex trafficking, children from injustice and families from poverty.

Having followed the journey God has taken her on the last few years, I wanted to share the story with y’all.

My first goal is to inspire you to see how your past experiences intersect with your passions/talents, to be used for His glory. Your personal “work of worth”.

The second goal is to introduce you to a new way of buying gifts and products. Kristi connects international artisians (trying to break the poverty cycle or rehabilitate from atrocities) with the American market. Philanthropic entrepreneurship.

As current COO at Work of Worth International,  Kristi asked me to look over the products being sold and put pieces together I loved creating a collection you would love too.

I felt all sorts of fancy getting to “curate”. . .thought only designer types do such things. Here is the little collection I’ve gathered together. If you are interested in any of the pieces (ranging from $10 to $30), just click here.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How growing up in Panama & Nicaragua contributed to Kristi’s familiarity with international living.
  • How international mission approaches have changed.
  • The use of social entrepeneurships to build relationships before sharing the gospel.
  • The unique skills and care Freeset offers gals who have been rescued from sex trafficking
  • The impact of emotional and physical trauma on the girls who are rescued, and their inability to follow complex directions.
  • How God used a horrible tragic airplane crash to shine a light on the FreeSet ministry. . .beauty from ashes.
  • The way the Lord led Kristi to a new opportunity with Work of Worth
  • How she already had relationships with distributors to connect with international artisans.
  • God using the intersection of your gifts/talents and your past experiences for His glory. . .there’s no “just” anything. No small thing in the Kingdom.

You know what you’re passionate about when your heart beats fast.            -Kristi Griem-

Connect with Kristi:

Blog :: Pinterest :: Twitter

Show Notes:

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In today’s episode, my husband Bruce & I share the story of our last 3 years.  A period of time where his workload was heavy, children were all-consuming and personal time was almost non-existent.

Can you relate?

If your husband has (or you have) a demanding career, then hopefully our story will remind you you are not alone. Maybe hearing how we coped will give you ideas to keep your head above water. (And there are a few general marriage tips we throw in as a bonus).

What we talk about:

  • Our brief summary of life for the past three years
  • Sacrifice is bearable when doing something that matches your strengths/gifts
  • How Heather was “awesome” 😉 while Bruce worked a lot
  • Wives, guilt trips and making things worse
  • When it feels like the hard times/challenges seem like they will never be over
  • How wives can best help husbands–not what you think
  • The importance of a strong marriage going into a season of a demanding career
  • Spending money on date nights now versus counseling later
  • Is it okay to go to bed angry?
  • Timing for conversations is everything
  • Understanding your spouse, how he/she is wired and what works best
  • Sometimes challenging seasons can grow the communication of your marriage
  • Double A Short Stop prospects (don’t even ask)
  • Life is just hard . . .assume that as a baseline and everything else is gold.

Show Notes:

(Amazon Affliliate Links below)

Have you and your spouse ever been through a challenging season? What helped you “weather” the storm?

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As most of you know, Amanda White (from and I have been chatting about movies (right here in Episode 27 and Episode 31) and labeling ourselves (maybe?) “Family Movie Moms”.

And we’re at it again.  This episode, however, is directed towards older kids and date nights. . .still family movies but for the older members of your family.

Because we talk about 5 different movies, this is a longer episode. We considered chopping it up into 5 episodes or two parts. But decided y’all are adults and can decide when to start & stop based on your multi-tasking/podcast listening habits.

(**speaking of being adults. . . please note this may be an episode you choose to listen to with earbuds in, so little ones don’t hear about things which are inappropriate for their innocent spirits)

These are the movies we chat about:


(PG with Angelina Jolie & Elle Fanning)

  • example of a powerful person becoming evil & humbled (like Nebuchadnezzar)
  • another story of true love being less about a boy/girl and more about family
  • how revenge never works out and forgiveness is necessary
  • an example of how even if you are sorry, your choices have consequences
  • lack of a true “bad guy” (blurred lines of good vs. evil)
  • (Phil Vischer Podcast)


(PG with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson)

  • a historical piece, based on a true story, addressing topics of race, social standing, value of life, and human justice.
  • a love story and a political/social commentary
  • great movie to watch with a group and discuss around dessert/dinner

Guardians of the Galaxy

(PG-13 with Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper)

  • the appeal of a superhero movie
  • misfits coming together for one common cause–don’t have to be the greatest & brightest to do great things.
  • Groot (as in, “I am Groot”) demonstrates sacrificial giving/love
  • “If the world thinks you should be 13 to see a movie, then you should be 13.”
  • Toys for little kids that go with PG-13 movies
  • (Pleygo–Lego subscription ** Affiliate Link)

Begin Again

(R with Adam Levine, Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo)

  • for those who love music and how music is created (any artist really)
  • a story of redemption in careers and marriage. Going back to your first love.
  • answers the question “is fame the best goal?”

The Giver

(PG-13 with Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep)

  • a movie based off the Young Adult Fiction book by Lois Lowry
  • what you miss out on when you live in a world where everyone is the same.
  • promotes the value of life and the importance of how we are meant to be different.
  • how simple/easy/same keeps us from experiencing the highs & lows of emotion.
  • (Read the book! click here)

Does your family follow the movie rating guides? How do you decide if a child is old enough to see a movie?

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This week’s podcast is “Part Two” of the interview with my in-real-life friend, Kris Habashy. (Apparently, we like to talk. And talk. And talk.)

Although we cover a lot of topics today, I think they all boil down to one–a mom’s relationship with her kids. Having watched Kris with her own kiddos, I greatly value her thoughts and opinions.

(You can listen to “Part One” of our chat, here).

What we talked about:

  • Handling boys who bicker or fight.
  • Should you allow boys to pretend/play fight.
  • Training self-control vs. natural angry outbursts.
  • Not changing or lowering the standard because of behavior.
  • Their family rules for Nerf gun use.
  • Micro-management parenting and how it inhibits obedience.
  • Playground play vs. playing in the backyard.
  • Use as few words (and few “no’s”) as you can.
  • Role playing scenarios before they happen (aka, leaving the park . . . ).
  • Taking neutral moments to speak life over your kids . . .disconnected from behavior.
  • Encouraging your kids even in the hard moments. . .acknowledging accomplishments.
  • Advice for those times when you are out-of-sync with your kids.
  • The role dads can play in helping moms relate with her kids.
  • Rite of passage rituals to help boys move forward into manhood without guilt.
  • Speaking and praying vision over our kids. . . even on a really awful day.

Show Notes:

What areas do you struggle in your relationship with your child(ren)? How do you get re-connected or stay connected?

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We just kept running into each other everywhere. . .the zoo, the arboretum, Michaels, the grocery store. Finally we decided God wanted us to be friends and we set up our first playdate at the park. That was 6 years ago.

Since we continue to be admittedly bad at the “planned meetings”, we are thankful for the times our paths cross around town and at church.

I’ve written before about Kris Habashy, labeling her my “bump into grace” friend.

She not only brings grace into my life, she shares Truth. She is not afraid to ask me the hard questions and offer me wisdom in the midst of this mothering journey.

Today I get to share Kris with y’all. In fact we chatted so long (typical) I’m going to split our conversation into two separate podcasts.

This episode we focused on: the struggle of allowing our children’s behavior to define our value; the “hard” nature of motherhood; the benefit of making sure everyone’s needs are met; and the steps to training manners.

To me the summary of all those topics is . . .obedience, training, serving are all hard, but once we expect them to be and push through the challenges, we experience the good–the blessings that come with perseverance. 

More specifically we chatted about:

  • Her homeschool experience & what prepared her most.
  • How Kris handles the struggle of tying her value to her kids’ behavior and academic performance.
  • Seeing your value as a child of the King, responding to that Truth with love, apprehension & honor doing what God says is the best design for me.

 “Life works better when we obey.”

  • Having great relationships relies on your relationship with God.
  • James 1:19-25–the irony of the perfect “law of liberty”.
  • How to handle when children behave badly. . .especially when we respond badly to their behavior.
  • The hard choices, actions, & inconvenience required of motherhood.

“You will do something hard every single day of your life. What are you going to do when things get hard? Lower standards, get out of it, complain. . .”

  • How making sure everyone’s needs are met helps you handle the hard things better.
  • Kris’ AMAZING Friday night ritual for rest (and sanity).
  • How she trained her kids in responding to others, interrupting an adult conversation, and appropriate behavior at playdates.

“Really big consequences to small things go a long way.”

Did you expect motherhood to be hard? What has been the hardest part for you?

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Last year we were family camp newbies. But after a week of refreshment, bonding and spiritual encouragement, we were hooked on the concept. In fact, before we left camp we had signed up come back again this year.

I could literally talk to you for hours about all the reasons Pine Cove is a gift to our family. (In fact, our time riding horses last year, inspired the most popular post I’ve ever written.–>read it here)

With such a high bar, I worried how this year would measure up. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. (well, ok, I didn’t ride horses this year. . .which was disappointing at first. . .but I’m saving that story for another post).

The director of Pine Cove Bluffs is Chris Sherrod. He is a gifted teacher and invaluable source of Spiritual mentoring to the husbands who attend camp. His lovely wife, Katie, also a superstar, spends one lunch with all the moms spurring us on with Truth and love.

When I started my podcast, one person I wanted to interview was Katie Sherrod. So, along with our bags of clothes and some flashlights and lots of swimsuits, I grabbed my mic. She and I sat on the floor in my cabin one afternoon and recorded this podcast.

I hope her words remind you of your value as a wife and mom. Most importantly, that you accept God’s rest, relish His grace and seek His wisdom.

What we chat about:

  • How she and her husband followed their hearts for families and found a place to serve, even if that included a season of unemployment.
  • How their adopted daughter was delivered to their door Christmas Eve & God’s protection of this baby from disease and addiction.
  • How they were given a vision of how God accepts us in our broken state, no questions, for the long haul, to rescue us.
  • When you fear you won’t be able to love more people, realizing you are standing in a river of God’s love, never-ending, inviting others to join you.
  • How Katie grabs time with Jesus anytime and every time. . .not just a “first in the morning” quiet time.
  • Her advice to expect hard things to happen, not getting upset when they do.
  • Allowing your kids to see Jesus in your reactions, even when you make mistakes, asking for forgiveness.
  • How little ones reveal and remind you all your brokenness and need for God.
  • Advice she would give her young self, to allow herself rest & accept God’s grace.
  • To cry out: “Give me wisdom to rule these people that you’ve put under me.” and He will give it to us.
  • How there is no recipe for motherhood–which keeps you on your knees.
  • First picture of the gospel is how you love your husband.
  • Don’t have to pray for a calling when you have young children.
  • Everything  you do for your children is your spiritual act of worship.

A mother’s prayer:

“God, give me wisdom in this situation for this child for today in this moment.”

Show Notes:

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If you are reading via email, click here to listen to the podcast. If you are reading email, on your phone, click here

As you heard on my last podcast with OhAmanda (Amanda White), she and I love movies. We also LOVE to use movies to help talk to our children about God.

On today’s podcast, she and I chat about the newly released, “How to Train a Dragon 2”. We answer the question, “Is it okay for my kids to see?” We let you know what we did not like in this flick.

We also share what we loved. For those of you who’ve already seen it, we discuss our favorite overriding themes and conversations you can have with your kids. A few examples:

  • Stoick, Hiccup’s dad–his role as a protector and his unfailing, redeeming love for Hiccup’s mom.
  • Drago’s tragedy turned angry aggression–how bad things happen, but if we go to God for healing and restoration, it can be used for good. But in Drago’s case, “Hurt people hurt people”.
  • Dragon training as an analogy of parenting styles–harsh/domineering vs. gentle/caring. And the loyalty which results from one over the other.
  • Toothless’ challenge to tune out the alpha dragon and trust Hiccup–when temptations come we need to often close our eyes, cover our ears and trust God to deliver us, overcoming evil.

At the end of the week Amanda will be posting her discussion guide and possibly a link-up where you can add your own family movie guide. Choose a film you’ve enjoyed watching as a family and type up some ideas for discussion topics/questions stemming from the movie.

Show Notes:

Join the Family Movie Mom discussion.

What themes, questions, and/or conversations did you come up with after seeing this film?

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You know people in your life who light up a room when they walk in? That’s my friend Melissa Jenkins.

After spending hours chatting with her in the Tae Kwon Do waiting room, I gained an even deeper appreciation for who God made her to be and the light she is shining for His glory.

And I can’t wait to share her with y’all!

Melissa is married to Kyle and they have FIVE boys (the oldest is 9!). Together they started a nonprofit called, Vickery Meadows Ministry, which you can read more about over on their site 

In today’s podcast, Melissa shares her ministry story and so. much. more. Make sure you listen all the way to the end and don’t miss how they apply their ministry approach to parenting and discipling their children.

Anyone is qualified to talk to God.–Melissa Jenkins

Based on this interview, I’m going to give you a challenge.

  • Open your Bible (or the closest devotional) and read one verse.
  • Pray and asked God how He is leading you to apply what it says to your life.
  • Let me know at end of today how it went (can even use #applyTruth)

Were you able to mediate on the verse throughout the day? Did you get a chance to apply and obey what God had showed you?

Through obedience, God can change our hearts.–Melissa Jenkins

In this episode we also chat about:

  • Where Melissa & her husband Kyle decided to spend their first year of marriage.
  • How they became involved with a family from Afghanistan.
  • How watching a documentary moved their ministry to a new area of need.
  • How they love people on the fringes, who may not walk into a church building.
  • How Melissa entered a strip club by offering to wash the girls’ feet. . .and it worked (read one of their team members’ story here “so I went into 10 brothels last night“)
  • How a ministry can be derailed by spiritual warfare . . . learning to protect your family & marriage.
  • How they re-grouped and re-focused on the initial ministry purpose–> not a job but a call to care for others because of their love for Him.
  • How we can all struggle with content, even if we see those living with less.
  • How she uses their ministry approach–any one is qualified to talk to God–to help train her children how to connect with God.
  • How they have a creative time of worship. . .superhero costumes and all.
  • Lastly. . . you must hear what Kyle and Melissa carry around town to start conversations.

Connect with Melissa:

Blog :: Instagram :: Facebook 

Show Notes:

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Ok. I won’t tell you how many minutes hours I scrolled through Facebook & Instagram yesterday reading about all the wonderful men in my friends’ lives.

But I came away from social media feeling all warm & cozy. Because I’m raising future fathers (hopefully a role for all four boys).

When I see the difference an honorable man makes in a family, I pay extra close attention. Noticing all the adjectives that mattered: encouraging, strong, caring, protective, loving, joyful, and amazing.

One friend posted that her dad had “grit”. This stood out from among the rest because it’s a word you don’t hear often enough. And because it was a topic fresh on my mind…

Today’s podcast guest, Laura Hale, defines “grit” as:

The courage to show up and do something that matters in your own way. To be OK with failing and trying again. Learning and growing.

Of course, I want this for my boys.

But I think moms show grit. We courageously keep showing up. Even when we feel like we failed, we jump back in and try again.

Laura has grit. She is launching a new line of toys for young boys, Generation Grit. Her desire is to offer an option for boys which allows for hours of reading and imaginative play.

Her solution is to create a line of boys’ action figures and accompanying story books based on fictitious characters from different historical eras (picture a boy’s version of “American Girl”). The first of these characters is Mac Mason, a 14-year-old boy living in California in 1943.

At Generation Grit, we model characters who struggle. People are wired to struggle. It’s how a baby learns to walk, and it’s how a child learns to read. As a mom, one of the most heartbreaking things I see is when a child chooses to stay on the sidelines because they are afraid to risk failure. In our stories, Generation Grit is committed to celebrating the willingness to face hard things, to fail sometimes, and to get back up. -Laura Hale

During the podcast we chatted about:

  • How we went to the same church at the same time and didn’t know it
  • What motivated her to create a new toy product for boys
  • How Laura demonstrated grit in pursuing toy maker connections
  • How boys in the 8-12 age range don’t have a lot of “non-screen” toy options
  • How quickly children grow from 8 years to mid-teens.
  • How we can support Laura to accomplishing her dream, through Kickstarter

Side notes:

*My boys watched the Kickstarter video and asked if we could get a Mac action figure. Seemed like a no-brainer to me and a perfect Christmas present option. 

**AND saw this article yesterday with fabulous book options for helping shape our kids “moral imagination”, not to be confused with “moralism”. Must read.

***Speaking of boy toys. . . don’t forget to enter to win subscriptions to Pley or a Lego set! I added a new way to enter, by following God Centered Mom posts via email.

Connect with Laura:

Show Notes:

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Relationships are tricky (major understatement).

I think today’s podcast with my pastor’s wife, Vela Tomba, will give us words & imagery to help alleviate some of the trickiness.

Vela has been married to Neil for 30 years, is the mom to three grown girls and grandmother to one adorable granddaughter. She served with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) before staying home full-time.

Last summer Vela guest posted a 3-part series on the concept of “Hula Hoop-o-logy” (read the series here)

Honestly? Her thoughts on this topic have helped all (absolutely all) my relationships.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What it means to stay in your “hula hoop”
  • Why we need to stay out of others’ hoops
  • How to transition our children from our hoop (birth) to their own (jr. high-college)
  • Physical hoop issues vs emotional hoop issues
  • Whether or not it is a mom’s job to make her kids happy
  • Interacting with husband in light of “hula hoop-o-logy”–reflective listening
  • Handling a variety of relationships with this mindset–>adult children & their spouses; grandchildren; extended family
  • Difference between hula-hoops and “Boundaries”
  • A Christian’s responsibility to non-believers in relation to hoops

Show Notes:

Do you struggle with staying out of others’ hoops? Which relationship challenges you the most?

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I really like them.

And according to the billions of dollars Hollywood spends each year to make movies, I’m guessing a lot of you like movies, too.

In fact, if you are a mom reading,  you may even look forward to the gathering of your little ones each week for “family movie night”.

But do you struggle, like I do to find movies everyone wants to watch? Or even a movie that will help you think more than lose brain cells?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could relax, enjoy a movie with your family AND teach your children more about God’s great big story?

Well, my good friend, Amanda White (…who also likes movies and loves Jesus…and I want to help your family do just that.

In today’s episode entitled, “Family Movie Moms” we share a lot of our theories/philosophies about movies and… a new vision.

Our goal is to 1)write frequent family movie discussion guides 2) broadcast a regular feature on the GCM podcast, called “Family Movie Moms”. Each show will include current movies reviews and ideas/questions to help teach your kiddos how to see truth and gain discernment as they view entertainment.

In today’s episode we chat about (quite a few things):

  • personal family screen time limits
  • the effects of video games on our kids
  • how much t.v. we watched when we were kids
  • recording movies on our VCR & renting Beta tapes
  • why we write family movie discussion guides
  • thoughts on “The Lego Movie” & “Disney’s Pirate Fairy”
  • being counter-cultural and yet engaging culture
  • teaching our children discretion when watching shows (not to emulate everything they watch).
  • thoughts on “How to Train your Dragon 2” & “Frozen”
  • difference between watching a movie once & meditating on a movie
  • this quote:

Connect with Amanda:

Twitter :: Instagram :: Facebook :: Blog

Show Notes:

Help out the “family movie moms” by letting us know what movies would you like us to review?

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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Heather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, interviews guests discussing the topic of staying God-centered...both replacing "me" with "He" and remembering we are centered in Him. /

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I don’t know about you, but how I rate myself in the “mom department” varies greatly day by day, minute by minute. A wave of feeling pretty awesome can be quickly followed by feelings of failure. When I’m at a low point, it is nice to call a mom with older children and get encouragement, perspective and wisdom.

Because sometimes my feelings are based on a true problem and I need a little guidance on how to approach my boys differently.

Sometimes my feelings are based on lies and I need a little truth-telling to get my eyes refocused.

For today’s podcast I’ve invited Leslie Johnson ( back for a group pep talk. Leslie is the lovely mom to four grown boys. She speaks life and truth. I’m so thankful for her consistent investment in my mothering.

I wanted y’all to listen in on one of our typical conversations. Get a taste of what a phone call would sound like (except in this case we know you are listening and may even refer to you as “listeners”…besides that). And just like a real phone call with Leslie, I’m all over the board asking a variety of questions.

Today we cover three main topics (with the occasional rabbit trail…):

  • Tips for the mom who gets angry with her kids (amen.)
  • Ideas for reading aloud books–the “when”, “where”, “how”, and “what”
  • How to handle the feeling of everyone needing you at once

Show Notes:

Leslie’s suggested read-aloud books *:

*If reading via email, click to blog post to get book links (amazon affiliate).

**For those of you who struggle with anger/yelling and want to focus on getting it under control, the MOB Society just launched a new private FB group called “No More Angry MOB”. It’s a place for moms to gather and know they are not alone and for strategies to change habits, be encouraged, etc. Within the first 24 hours of launching, 1,000 moms had signed up. You are not alone. You can find me there!

Also, last week September McCarthy wrote a couple of great posts on the topic of anger. Find them here:

If you could talk to Leslie on the phone, what would you ask her?

(may even be used on a future podcast. . . wink wink).

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God kinda rocks my world. In a good way.

Here’s where I get bossy . . . –> Do. not. miss. today’s podcast seriously.

I was BLOWN AWAY when Julie Romero sent me a Facebook message last week and shared her story.

To back up a second. . . I first met Julie in college. We weren’t besties, but at a small Christian school, ya kinda “know” everyone. Especially since we graduated the same year and had a common friend.

Fast forward to last November (2013) when I saw Julie’s face in my Instagram feed and I asked the question, “Did you go to Taylor University?” That simple comment was one stone in the path God took Julie, releasing her from the spiritual desert she found herself.

Only God.

In this episode listen to:

  • Julie share about serving in a church for over a decade eventually leading to burn out.
  • How she cried out, “God, I don’t know what you’re doing? Have you forgotten about me?”
  • How God used a creative season & a craft show to connect she and I
  • How Julie found godly, authentic community via social media
  • What happened when she waited for God to reveal His perfect plan to use her gifts
  • The exciting creative discipleship retreats Julie is facilitating for young women

Connect with Julie:

Twitter :: Instagram :: Facebook

Check out Julie’s amazing Breathe Retreat (and register) –> Click Here 

Check out Julie’s awesome Etsy shop (paper flowers) :: Julie Lynn Design –> Click Here

Check out the incredible Creative Discipleship Kits :: $20/each :: Ephesians Devotional (Identity in Christ), creative swag & instructions :: Follow Julie on social media for more details or Email her at .

Show Notes:

Questions to consider:

Have you ever been burnt out from ministry? Had a “desert” experience?

What activities bring you joy?

Have you considered using those gifts/talents/joys in a unique way to minister to others?

Please share your story of discovering joy through a ministry sweet spot in the comments below!

(for real)

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“I can almost hear your question. The . . . what idol? Love Idol? How can love be an idol? Love was God’s idea. We were created in God’s image, and God is love!

Paul wrote to the Corinthians: ‘These three remain: faith, hope and love. And the greatest of these is love.’ Yet we take God’s ‘greatest’ and contort it into an idol. We twist our desire for approval into a false god. . .

This book is for any of us who want to live content in God’s perfect love, freed up from the wearying demands of the Love Idol.”

–Jennifer Dukes Lee

 Moving from an award-winning news reporter to farmer’s wife, Jennifer found her need for other’s approval followed her like a parasite.

She chronicles her journey of (continued) healing in her new book, “Love Idol: Letting go of your need for approval–and seeing yourself through God’s eyes”, which released last week  (Get a copy here) 

Can you relate to craving love so greatly it becomes the driving force to all your decisions and actions?

I definitely can. People pleasing consumes my thoughts, my time, and my energy.  So, I’m forever grateful to Jennifer for writing this fabulous book and for taking the time to chat about it on this week’s GCM podcast.

On this podcast episode we discuss:

  • What is a love idol?
  • Whose love are you seeking? And Who has given it to you already?
  • How do you admit you need help and accept healing?
  • What is the process of tending to the garden of your heart?
  • How does the love idol show up in our mothering?
Show Notes:

Connect with Jennifer Dukes Lee:

Twitter :: Facebook :: Blog 

More God Centered Mom posts on the topic of seeking people’s approval:

“When I want to please people” (guest post at

Servant of God: alternative to People Pleaser

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Today I have my first return guest to the God Centered Mom Podcast. . . Amanda White from (throwing virtual confetti).

One of the many (thousand) reasons I love Amanda is her commitment to help parents know it’s easy to impress God’s Word on their kids’ hearts.

Since we cherished & raved about her “Truth in the Tinsel” Christmas curriculum, y’all better hold on to your horses and get excited because she has just released a new Easter Family guide, “Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families” (click here to get your copy) *affiliate link.

“What I want is a simmering in your heart and in your family meditating on Christ’s story”-Amanda

In this podcast, learn:

-the story behind the name

-the reasoning behind the 12 lessons

-how many activities to do each week

-how the curriculum is organized

-tips for how to personally prepare before teaching your children

Amanda shares why she waited a year to release this program, her current hesitations and her desires.

“I want to lead your kids to the Lord with you.” -Amanda


  • Matthew 10:19-20 “do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say,  for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”
  • Isaiah 55:10-11 “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”
  • Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”
  • What’s in the Bible-#10 Jesus is the Good News
  • Super AWESOME unEaster Basket Alternative

 Since Amanda and I are such. big. fans of this Christ-centered approach to Easter baskets (in my version there is a superhero cape involved. . .click here to learn more).

We decided to join together and giveaway some fabulous products for your Easter basket this year. Items that go deeper than a cadbury egg ever could (although throwing one of those in the basket wouldn’t hurt. . . ahem).

One super-duper-blessed winner will receive ALL  of the following products (see entry form at the end of this post…contest ends March 31, 2014) Even if you don’t win, now you have lots of ideas of things to put in your kiddos unEaster baskets:

VeggieTales ::: The newest DVD, Veggies In Space!

Scripture Stickies ::: Exactly what it sounds like–stickable Scripture verses. Kinda like a fun and meaningful post-it note. Scripture Stickies is giving away the Cross Scriptures and Jesus is RisenPLUS 10% off + free shipping with code UNEASTER for everyone!

God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren ::: a sweet picture book for kids

U-NEEKS ::: Alliebird Set and Color Wonder Pad from Dayspring’s U-Neeks!

Yancy ::: Her newest pre-teen devotional, Jesus Music Box Devotional + a Yancy tshirt (boy or girl version!)

Seeds Family Worship ::: Get the whole set, all 7 albums of this modern, awesome-for-the-whole family CDs.

You Can Draw Bible Stories by Sandy Silverthorne ::: A fun book for your little artists. (my boys LOVE to use this book to draw pictures when they attend “big church” with us).

Willow of Wonder ::: Choose any 8×10 from this gorgeous shop. PLUS choose a print of her Easter subway art (which is free to download!). PLUS PLUS 20% off code with EASTER.

Muncle Fred Art ::: $30 bouquet from this beautiful felt florist

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are your family Easter traditions?

For more “Easter” focused posts…click on this God-centered mom resource page.

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Heather interviews Rachel Anne Ridge. 

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Heather interviews NYTimes Best Selling Author, Melanie Shankle. They discuss Melanie's new book, "The Antelope in the Living Room". Melanie tells the story of one of her humbling marriage moments. At the end of the podcast, Melanie shares how she stays God-centered and how she chooses what to read from the Bible. 

Direct download: The_Antelope_in_the_Living_Room_Episode_12_Melanie_Shankle.m4a
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Heather interviews her mentor's mentor, Nancy William. A grandma to 10 and great-grandma to 4, Nancy provides wisdom and great perspective. She also shares a family gratitude tradition dating back 40 years. Also discussed: mom guilt, best parenting resource, praying with your kids, and husbands who work a lot. 

Direct download: The_BEST_Ever_Life_GCM_Episode_11_with_Nancy_Williams.m4a
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Heather interviews Crystal Stine, mother to two-year old Maddie. Crystal shares her story of reluctantly walking into motherhood. The humbling process of experiencing a miscarriage. The joy of having her daughter. She also gives ideas for ways she makes time to spend in God's word throughout a busy day of juggling a full-time (outside the home) job and being a mom.  

Direct download: First_Time_God-Centered_Mom_Episode_10_with_Crystal_Stine.m4a
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Heather interviews her mom, Cathy Price. They discuss the what, how, who, and why of discipleship. If you've ever been curious about what it means to be a discple or to disciple others, this episode is for you. 

Direct download: Discipleship_101_GCM_ep_9_with_Cathy_Price.m4a
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Heather interviews a long time friend, Rebekah Greer. In this episode Rebekah shares her story of marriage at a young age, her husband's infidelity, multiple attempts at reconciliation and their eventual divorce. She also vulnerably shares the challenges of being a single mom with 5 kids and how the church supported her through that time. Make sure you listen to the whole episode to hear how without any plan to find another husband, the Lord graciously provided a wonderful man whom she married several years ago. Rebekah wonderfully communicates the hope in connecting with God over any other relationship and the beauty of redeeming love. 

Direct download: GCM_Redeeming_Love_Ep8_Rebekah_Greer.m4a
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