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As most of you know, Amanda White (from and I have been chatting about movies (right here in Episode 27 and Episode 31) and labeling ourselves (maybe?) “Family Movie Moms”.

And we’re at it again.  This episode, however, is directed towards older kids and date nights. . .still family movies but for the older members of your family.

Because we talk about 5 different movies, this is a longer episode. We considered chopping it up into 5 episodes or two parts. But decided y’all are adults and can decide when to start & stop based on your multi-tasking/podcast listening habits.

(**speaking of being adults. . . please note this may be an episode you choose to listen to with earbuds in, so little ones don’t hear about things which are inappropriate for their innocent spirits)

These are the movies we chat about:


(PG with Angelina Jolie & Elle Fanning)

  • example of a powerful person becoming evil & humbled (like Nebuchadnezzar)
  • another story of true love being less about a boy/girl and more about family
  • how revenge never works out and forgiveness is necessary
  • an example of how even if you are sorry, your choices have consequences
  • lack of a true “bad guy” (blurred lines of good vs. evil)
  • (Phil Vischer Podcast)


(PG with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson)

  • a historical piece, based on a true story, addressing topics of race, social standing, value of life, and human justice.
  • a love story and a political/social commentary
  • great movie to watch with a group and discuss around dessert/dinner

Guardians of the Galaxy

(PG-13 with Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper)

  • the appeal of a superhero movie
  • misfits coming together for one common cause–don’t have to be the greatest & brightest to do great things.
  • Groot (as in, “I am Groot”) demonstrates sacrificial giving/love
  • “If the world thinks you should be 13 to see a movie, then you should be 13.”
  • Toys for little kids that go with PG-13 movies
  • (Pleygo–Lego subscription ** Affiliate Link)

Begin Again

(R with Adam Levine, Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo)

  • for those who love music and how music is created (any artist really)
  • a story of redemption in careers and marriage. Going back to your first love.
  • answers the question “is fame the best goal?”

The Giver

(PG-13 with Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep)

  • a movie based off the Young Adult Fiction book by Lois Lowry
  • what you miss out on when you live in a world where everyone is the same.
  • promotes the value of life and the importance of how we are meant to be different.
  • how simple/easy/same keeps us from experiencing the highs & lows of emotion.
  • (Read the book! click here)

Does your family follow the movie rating guides? How do you decide if a child is old enough to see a movie?

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This week’s podcast is “Part Two” of the interview with my in-real-life friend, Kris Habashy. (Apparently, we like to talk. And talk. And talk.)

Although we cover a lot of topics today, I think they all boil down to one–a mom’s relationship with her kids. Having watched Kris with her own kiddos, I greatly value her thoughts and opinions.

(You can listen to “Part One” of our chat, here).

What we talked about:

  • Handling boys who bicker or fight.
  • Should you allow boys to pretend/play fight.
  • Training self-control vs. natural angry outbursts.
  • Not changing or lowering the standard because of behavior.
  • Their family rules for Nerf gun use.
  • Micro-management parenting and how it inhibits obedience.
  • Playground play vs. playing in the backyard.
  • Use as few words (and few “no’s”) as you can.
  • Role playing scenarios before they happen (aka, leaving the park . . . ).
  • Taking neutral moments to speak life over your kids . . .disconnected from behavior.
  • Encouraging your kids even in the hard moments. . .acknowledging accomplishments.
  • Advice for those times when you are out-of-sync with your kids.
  • The role dads can play in helping moms relate with her kids.
  • Rite of passage rituals to help boys move forward into manhood without guilt.
  • Speaking and praying vision over our kids. . . even on a really awful day.

Show Notes:

What areas do you struggle in your relationship with your child(ren)? How do you get re-connected or stay connected?

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We just kept running into each other everywhere. . .the zoo, the arboretum, Michaels, the grocery store. Finally we decided God wanted us to be friends and we set up our first playdate at the park. That was 6 years ago.

Since we continue to be admittedly bad at the “planned meetings”, we are thankful for the times our paths cross around town and at church.

I’ve written before about Kris Habashy, labeling her my “bump into grace” friend.

She not only brings grace into my life, she shares Truth. She is not afraid to ask me the hard questions and offer me wisdom in the midst of this mothering journey.

Today I get to share Kris with y’all. In fact we chatted so long (typical) I’m going to split our conversation into two separate podcasts.

This episode we focused on: the struggle of allowing our children’s behavior to define our value; the “hard” nature of motherhood; the benefit of making sure everyone’s needs are met; and the steps to training manners.

To me the summary of all those topics is . . .obedience, training, serving are all hard, but once we expect them to be and push through the challenges, we experience the good–the blessings that come with perseverance. 

More specifically we chatted about:

  • Her homeschool experience & what prepared her most.
  • How Kris handles the struggle of tying her value to her kids’ behavior and academic performance.
  • Seeing your value as a child of the King, responding to that Truth with love, apprehension & honor doing what God says is the best design for me.

 “Life works better when we obey.”

  • Having great relationships relies on your relationship with God.
  • James 1:19-25–the irony of the perfect “law of liberty”.
  • How to handle when children behave badly. . .especially when we respond badly to their behavior.
  • The hard choices, actions, & inconvenience required of motherhood.

“You will do something hard every single day of your life. What are you going to do when things get hard? Lower standards, get out of it, complain. . .”

  • How making sure everyone’s needs are met helps you handle the hard things better.
  • Kris’ AMAZING Friday night ritual for rest (and sanity).
  • How she trained her kids in responding to others, interrupting an adult conversation, and appropriate behavior at playdates.

“Really big consequences to small things go a long way.”

Did you expect motherhood to be hard? What has been the hardest part for you?

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